Frequently Asked Questions

How do your shipping rates work?
Please note that we ship from two locations: Groove & Reverb items will ship together from one location and Beyond the Stars & Breakout items will ship together from one location. If you are only ordering items that ship from one singular location (i.e. only Groove & Reverb items or only Beyond the Stars & Breakout items), then you will be charged a singular shipping rate for your order. If choosing items outside of the collections that ship together, you will be charged a dual-shipping rate for your order, as those items will then ship from two separate locations.

How will I be receiving my shipment?
You will be receiving your shipment via U.S.P.S.

How long will it take to receive my shipment?
If you are placing an order between February and May, please be aware that this is our peak season. During our peak season, we are continually out of the office Thursday through Monday traveling for our events. Shipments will more than likely be fulfilled and shipped on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, therefore, arrival times will vary.

An item was sold out at the event I attended and I am not seeing it online either?
We try our very best to have all sizes in stock at our events and in our online store. We also pack as much inventory as we can for our events. If an item sells out at an event, there is a big chance that that was the remainder of the inventory of that item. When/if we receive more of that particular item, then it will one again become available for purchase online.


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